The Beloved Intracoastal

So many people come to Florida for the beaches, but really, it’s all about the water. The Intracoastal Waterway has a charm and serenity all its own.

This gorgeous stretch of water is the canal that separates Casey Key, Venice Island – and other areas – from the land of Florida. It has beautiful mangroves, fish, and quieter areas that you can enjoy on your kayak or boat. These are the best things about the Intracoastal….


Sitting on the water in your kayak, boat, or just in waders. So relaxing. Have you seen our new dock? It is fully-equipped with a snook light, bait fish holding tank and filet station! Go fishing this weekend and unwind.


The Waterway is a haven for boaters! You can dock in our boat slips whether or not you are staying at the Motel. Or let someone else do the work, and go for a fishing charter adventure.

Bird Watching.

Florida has a rich array of birds – over 500 species – and along the Waterway you will not be disappointed. Grab those binoculars, and use the Florida Birding Trail website to learn more about them.

What is your favorite part of the Intracoastal??

Photo copyright Larry Lynch.


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