Common Questions Answered!

So you reserved some much needed vacation! Woo-hoo! Check out a few FAQs below, then give us a call if you still need some answers: 941.488.6210

Is there someplace to park my boat trailer?

Yes!! We no longer have use of the “spare lot,” however, it is acceptable to park your trailer and even your truck at the boat ramp parking area. Park it overnight – or as long as you like. We are clear to use it, and no one will get fined!!

Read up on our boat slips here.

Can a guest visit me at the Motel?

Certainly. Your guest is welcome to come visit you for an appropriate amount of time. Please make sure they check in at the office. Because we have almost no spare parking spots, we may request that your guest park at the boat ramp parking.

If your guests plans to spend the night, please let the office know.

What is there to do on Casey Key?

Ah-ha! You are in luck – I developed a handy little Visitors Guide just for our guests!

You will find dining, fishing, golfing, shopping, attractions and outdoor activities that are close to the Motel. Since this is tailored to our guests, you can get directions right from the Motel to the location of your choice.

Thank you for spending time with us! If you have any other burning questions, comment them below so I can add them to this post!


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